Temporary / Contract Personnel
This is the foundation of our business. We will place temporary personnel "on assignment" in your facilities to meet your exact job qualifications and time requirements. Each requirement is reviewed to provide the best possible solution, selections and assignment of contract employees.

Direct Hire
We will recruit the highest quality candidates, conduct extensive interviews and background checks, offer candidate pre-screening utilizing your corporate testing procedures and coordinate all contacts and interviews. Our fees are competitive and all placements are guaranteed.

Payroll Services
We provide payroll services for Contract Personnel that you request to be placed on our payroll. This option is provided at a reduced fee and is an excellent way to quickly match the right person to your job.

Cost Effective Services
Today nine out of ten Fortune 500 companies regularly use temporary personnel as a cost-effective solution to their staffing needs. Smaller companies also benefit greatly from using staffing services. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over one-fifth of today's workforce is on some type of temporary or part-time schedule.

Approximately 75% of today's business costs are personnel related, and using ATA personnel to augment your permanent staff is a cost-effective way to meet short-term, long-term and specialized work assignments. This approach eliminates excessive paperwork and the "hidden cost" of fringe benefits, payroll taxes, health insurance, advertising, recruiting, screening, testing, evaluating, hiring, firing and especially demoralizing layoffs.

ATA is the Technical Personnel source that quickly and economically adjusts to client workload demands weekly, monthly or yearly.

The Value of ATA's Services
  • Provides companies the opportunity to partner with one of the oldest and most experienced technical staffing firms.
  • Our "roll-over" provision ensures a match between your company and the employee's skills.
  • ATA's qualified candidates eliminate your staff's recruiting time and cost.
  • Minimizes the high cost of turnover and employee retention and the negative reputation associated with company layoffs.
  • The true "cost" of a full-time employee is usually more than the cost of a temporary employee.
  • Allows more cost-effective budgeting and staffing as your business fluctuates.
  • Gives your company tax and payroll cost advantages.
  • Using hourly billing rates, you only pay for true and productive time.
  • Allows your company to use personnel who have special skills that are not available within your staff.
  • Provides quick response time to your changing work loads and last minute requirements.

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